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Now, in training camp, Cox is making his debut for “Fever”

the6man Jul 31

Lauren Cox (Lauren Cox) in her first Indiana fever practice on July 29.

Indiana fever forward Lauren Cox (Lauren Cox) did two exercises during her rookie season. She said she focused on cardiovascular regulation and returned to the rhythm of the game.

She said: “I feel good.” “I have some practice techniques. Now I just want to regain my shape and rejuvenate me.”

The former Baylor outstanding forward came to the “bubble” in Bradenton, Florida this week and went to court with Indiana for the first time on Wednesday after testing positive for COVID-19 nearly a month ago. Cox was selected as the third place. She said that being healthy, learning from teammates and the new game system is a top priority.

“Recently, I have been able to do everything except getting up and down on the basketball court and catching the ball. I have been trying to stay in shape, but nothing beats the real ups and downs on the court… I am trying to spare a few minutes. Restore your own wind.”

For the Lady Bears that Cox and her teammates won the national championship in 2019, she played for Hall of Famer Kim Mulkey. Marianne Stanley, the first-year fever coach, also has a rich coaching experience, but the system is quite different. Cox said she was adjusting.

She said: “Getting used to drama is the biggest thing for me, because in the past four years, I have run a completely different thing.” “I have to change gears and learn new defenses and new styles of play.”

“Then (WNBA) physical condition will be another big challenge for me (adjustment). It will definitely be difficult, but I look forward to the challenge.”

Cox is no stranger to adversity. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since she was a child, so she had to face sports challenges to cope with the disease. In Baylor’s championship battle, she fell with a knee injury. She returned to the game last November and was injured again a week later. In March, the NCAA tournament was cancelled.

But Cox said that although she was diagnosed with the coronavirus, opting out of this season is not a consideration.

She said: “My resilience comes from diabetes in the past 15 years of my life.” “I have to overcome many obstacles, but I like basketball games, so I hope to participate this season. I want to gain this experience as a rookie, And see where I am from the perspective of talent.”

“Nothing can stop me from playing this season.”

Cox said she must teach her past coaches and trainers how to help her manage her diabetes, and hopes to do the same with Indiana. She owns all medical supplies.

Last year, the Fever team selected center Teaira McCowan. Together with Cox, he should give the team some long-term paint.

“I am very happy to play with T,” Cox said. “I think we will develop some chemistry on the court-maybe let the high and low games develop.”

However, for now, Cox and Indiana will focus on building their 1-1 record as they will face Dallas United tonight. Although she can’t see the game time, she knows her mission.

Cox said: “Defense will be my biggest role, then offense, no matter what they need me, no matter it is… through the inside, scoring from the outside, scoring inside, rebounding.” “Whatever it is, I am willing to do it. .”

She said she was happy to meet new teammates this week.

“I think we have a lot of very good potential,” Cox said. “The last game we really started to click. With each team (we face), we will get better and better.”

At 8 o’clock in the evening, I had a fever with the wing ET on CBS Sports Network.

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