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Now that there are fragments, Liberty works hard to put them in place

the6man Jul 29

Layshia Clarendon prepares to fire on the Seattle storm. NBAE/Getty Images.

After going through the past few seasons and regaining a new lineup this year, the New York Liberal Party’s task is to put these pieces in place and make them all work.

Last winter, the first step in the Liberal Party’s rebuilding was to sign 7-year veteran guard Layshia Clarendon in the free agency market. Of course, New York knows that they will select point guard Sabrina Inescu with the first overall pick. But they also know that they will have a very young and inexperienced team, and Clarendon can provide stability and experience to stabilize them.

Although the national (and for that matter, the local) media have accepted the star-centric Ionescu story, Clarendon is mostly labeled as her mentor. But that label largely ignores the personality and depth that Liberty gained through the only free agent signing. The former Cal illustrious and vice chairman of the Players Union Executive Committee, this year is also the main leader of the LGBT rights and “black life issues” movement. She especially advocated the police to kill women of color.

Clarendon played an important role in the player’s “speak her name” agreement with the league and adopted the name of Breena Taylor on every uniform during the opening weekend.

Taylor was shot and killed by EMT at his home in Louisville on March 13, 2020. The dead were police. They obeyed the “unexploded” order on the grounds that their detained drug dealers may have received mail at Taylor’s home. Although one of the officers was fired in June, no one was arrested.

On the court, Clarendon only used one game to remind everyone that she is a very good player and will not be a substitute. Because she is a bench player in Connecticut and injured a season after just nine games last year, it’s easy to forget that Clarendon is Atlanta’s 2017 All-Star player and averaged 10.7 per game in the 2018 season. The points and 6.6 assists are between a not-so-good dream and the Suns.

In his debut against Seattle against New York, Clarendon led all scorers with a 5-9 field goal percentage and a 20-12 free throw percentage. She is a clear leader on a court full of young players. In a 40-minute game, 32 minutes are required and encouraged to play.

The Liberty team lost 16 points, but led by a few minutes in the second period. The team played a lot of games fearlessly, which is one of their mantras this season. It is generally predicted that the team will be last, mainly because they have 7 rookies in their lineup, but after this game, these predictions seem unlikely.

What is impressive is that New York and Seattle are ranked three-quarters, and the final score is the closest of the three opening days. Kia nurses, one of their few veterans, did not miss three-quarters of the time after spraining an ankle, and the results may be closer.

Although Clarendon may be the most impressive player in the opener, some free rookies also show that they are ready.

Coach Walt Hopkins (Walt Hopkins) advocated “positionless basketball.” In this case, fixed postures and prescribed positions were abandoned, and a system that relied on reading and writing games was adopted. The New York game notes describe a team focused on “speed, versatility, effective decision-making, high trial rate, and extended floor range through long-range shooting.”

This style of play is far from revolutionary and is reflected in several male and female professional teams, but many teams play in a more traditional style. The Liberal Party considered interchangeability when drafting, looking for a big back who can surrender and a forward who can shoot three people. However, for a team with seven rookies and a team that only has two weeks to prepare for the season, there is a practical aspect of philosophy.

One of those versatile big men is 6-4 Kylee Shook (he hit .368 from outside the three-point line in his senior year in Louisville), who defines this method as ” Just play basketball”.

She said: “In the training camp, everything happened so fast. We only had seven rookies and only two weeks. Well, we mainly play basketball.”

“I mean, this is what we are here to do. We are just reading each other… “No position” is mainly, “I can set the screen for (Kiah) Stokes, and I can set the screen for the nurse, but Then they can do the same for me. “So it’s just reading and playing to play our abilities. And we all know what we are good at, so we will make a difference with each other.”

Sabrina Ionescu put the ball on the court in her WNBA debut. NBAE/Getty Images.
Sabrina Ionescu put the ball on the court in her WNBA debut. NBAE/Getty Images.

No player better represents the positionless philosophy than Wonescu, who is one of the best rebounding guards in NCAA history. Her 26 college triple-doubles broke previous records. She was the only player in college history, scoring 2500 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists. Her passion and competitive nature are legendary.

Ionescu did not shoot well on Saturday, especially from long range (0-8). But her appearance rate and her willingness to take responsibility prove that she will have an immediate impact on the league and will play a vital role in this team.

She had 12 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. After reaching the goal, she took the initiative when she directed the players and the Seattle defense seemed to freeze New York.

Hopkins was satisfied with what he saw and even missed many shots.

“[O]One of the things we talked about the most in the preseason was that she was willing to take photos when she was stagnant,” he said. “Or you know, she is running and the defense does not protect her because they know she wants to form a player ; Something like this. “

“This is when I see her in Oregon. I often want to know, I mean,’Why don’t you pull it up and shoot it and let them come out to protect you?’ So this is a lot of factors that affect her Decisions made as a team and employees and some of the decisions we made. But in general, I think this is the right choice for her to try to find her way out.”

Hopkins is not worried about the nervousness of Ionescu’s open day.

“[H]That was not an advertisement for her first game. . . I think in terms of shooting, the results may be different. “He said. “The camera didn’t go down, but I think it’s the right move.” “

In the first game, another rookie who stood out was the former Duke Blue Devils demon Renner Odom. His performance represented the style the team wanted. She rebounds, brings the ball to the court, and starts offense from the key points. She hit a three-pointer and hit one of two. She posted it. She defends internally and externally. She was active on both ends of the court and scored 9 points (three turnovers) with a 4-6 shooting percentage.

Her coach is very interested in her performance.

Hopkins said: “She is really active, and she is more confident than the drama I sometimes see in college.” “She claims to look comfortable.”

“She is cutting paper, she is smashing wooden boards. It is a matter of the time to learn to attack and learn to do these things… Then, I think you will see more and more growth from her, because she has already Used to understanding why and when to do these things. But in terms of her ability to enter the game and influence the game on both ends, she is really excited.”

Although the free youth movement made a positive start, they still lost the game. They reached their defensive goals in the first two quarters, but made too many turnovers in the other 20 minutes, making Storm’s appearance too open. The most obvious decision in New York is to enter most screens. Against the brilliant mid-range shooters Breanna Stewart and Jewell Loyd-this strategy is disastrous. The two scored 37 points in 11-21 shooting and won the victory for Seattle.

Overall, the Statue of Liberty will be optimistic after the first game. Although several scorers were unable to participate in the game, they performed well on one of the best teams in the WNBA. The nurse was restricted to nine minutes with a sprained ankle, but should be back in about a week.

On Monday, due to COVID-19, sharpshooter rookie Megan Walker (Megan Walker) practiced on this team for the first time, and as she adjusts to the league, she should become an important round of another game.

After recovering from a sprained ankle, another high-scoring shooting guard Jazmine Jones should also have a chance to contribute quickly. She was listed as “likely”, but did not fight Storm.

Playing a more stable defense may be the team’s biggest learning obstacle. You can’t just “play basketball” and master defensive rotation or defense. It takes time, experience and good communication. New York does not have the first two, it will only be acquired over time. They had a good start in the third quarter. Most of the time, Clarendon and Inescu were on the court, while the defensive Stokes was at the basket. However, it is expected that there will be more failures and more loss points, which need to be compensated by better shooting.

The Liberal Party will face another young team, the Dallas Wings tonight.

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