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Official: The EuroLeague season is canceled

the6man May 26

Photo: Euroleague basketball

The EuroLeague season is over.

In a conference call this morning, EuroLeague CEO Jordi Bertomeu proposed to cancel the 2019/20 season.

With the Player Association (ELPA) against the resumption of the EuroLeague, Bertomeu made it official more than an hour after the conference call.

The 11 teams with a guaranteed Euroleague contract who took part in the conference call agreed Bertomeu against resuming the season.

Since the season had been interrupted since March 13th due to the coronavirus pandemic, players had no access to exercise facilities, which meant that they would need more time to get fit if the season started again.

Most players were against resuming the season as this long break could have caused serious injuries.

The EuroCup season was also canceled.

After the announcement, Jordi Bertomeu said canceling the season was the most difficult decision:

“Without a doubt, this is the most difficult decision we have had to make in our 20-year history. For reasons beyond our control, we had to cancel the most successful and exciting season in European basketball history. This happens after two and a half months, during which all league stakeholders have retained their determination and exhausted every opportunity to offer our fans, whose passion is the driving force behind all of our efforts, a complete and uniquely special season. That is our commitment and our passion in every single season. Therefore, what makes us most sad is when we are neglected due to forces beyond anyone’s control. Record dates that show how much our fans have enjoyed the games so far give us more energy than ever to start planning an even better 2020-21 season. “

Despite the desire to continue the season, EuroLeague wisely chose to put health and safety first.

“Of course we had many reasons to start the 2019-20 season again, but in such an exceptional situation we have to put people’s health in the foreground and above all other interests: our players, our coaches, our referees, our clubs, theirs Employees, our league employees, our broadcasters and all their families. In this way we remain true to our beliefs and what we stand for. “

The EuroLeague and EuroCup 2020/21 season will start on October 1st and September 30th, 2020, respectively.

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