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Opposition to Minnesota’s highest prospect James Wiseman

the6man Nov 01

With the rapid approach of the NBA draft, more details about the potential top picks, interested teams, and possible transactions for this period continue to leak.

The big news about the draft today is focused on the three major potential draft picks James Wiseman (James Wiseman), who made it clear that he opposes the No. 1 voter-the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to reports, the Golden State Warriors (No. 2 overall) and the Charlotte Hornets (No. 3 overall) are keen on big men, but again, if the Timberwolves really want to play, it’s not their decision. for him.

Brian Windhorst (ESPN) released the news on the podcast yesterday, saying that the current Timberwolves roster is the main point of view of the Wiseman opposition.

Windhorst said: “Wiseman does not want to come to Minnesota because Karl Anthony Towns is there.”

“As far as I know, Wiseman doesn’t even want to do anything to them [the Wolves]. “

Wiseman has a great opportunity to realize his wish. The Timberwolves will be locked in their 24-year-old big man in the next few years, and they will continue to attack around him. In many ways, picking him up from Minnesota was a strange move.

Minnesota is also likely to trade down in their No. 1 overall pick because they want to try to get some current league assets back into draft picks that are weaker than most.

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This post is written by Nick Kelland


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