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Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins said the game will be open all day

the6man Jun 25

The NBA has been stalled for three and a half months, but a restart has arrived, and some good news is coming.

As fans are eager to play sports, Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martin is good news for starving basketball fans. He said the game will be played all day in Central Florida.

The NBA tries to make up for lost time, and more importantly, loses money.

Even if there are no fans, more people will participate in watching the bubble league.

This is a scene that fans have never seen before. Therefore, the NBA is looking for ways to attract people. Because the time interval between two live sports games is too long, the NBA has a solid plan.

The schedule has not been announced, and the appearance of the game. But as the team competed for the playoffs, many things happened.

At the edge of the playoffs, there are also some teams hoping to get eighth.

Interestingly, so many players have different superstitions. Some players may like to play at night rather than during the day, or some players like to play at noon.

There is no choice, because this unique situation brings something that we may never see again.

The NBA is considering its crazy March of August.

Fasten your seat belts because it will be an interesting journey in Orlando.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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