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Parker sees opportunity in unusual WNBA season

the6man Jul 15

Candace Parker and Nneka Ogwumike celebrate a basket. Maria Noble / “WomenHoopsWorld”.

Candace Parker kept a low profile in the first week of WNBA training camp.

The 13-year veteran did not appear in the team video, nor in many practice photos, and was rarely posted on her social media account. In fact, since September last year, she was interviewed as Los Angeles Spark for the first time. Compared with her, more reporters questioned her in the interview, and she did not have time to give an answer.

But one thing is clear: Parker gave up instead of considering the short season of the pandemic. She was not affected by the current social unrest, but moved on. Parker is looking forward to high-level games and competitions. She is enjoying the game with her 11-year-old daughter Lailaa, who now appreciates basketball very much.

Parker said: “Everyone here is struggling with individual situations and situations around the world.” “This season is not an asterisk, but an exclamation point, because all factors and external factors determine who is here and who is not. “

“Everyone here wants to be here. For anyone, this is not an easy season.”

The 12 teams-most of whom will change their roster due to knockout games, COVID-19 positive tests or injuries-will participate in 22 games from July 25 to September 8. As in the regular season, the first eight teams will enter the playoffs.

Most teams reported to Bradenton, Florida on July 6 and were quarantined for four days before starting camp. Although there are limits to two months on a campus, Parker sees many positive aspects.

She said: “We don’t travel, we don’t have to recover from playing back-to-back games.” “My commute time is one hour, so (not having to do) is better for my back.”

Parker suffered several injuries early in his career and missed 12 games last season due to hamstring and ankle injuries. This year, she is very healthy and has loved the sport since she picked up the ball since she was a child.

She said: “Basketball is the foundation of my entire career-actually my entire life,” “I will be happy when things are not going well.”

Despite the anticipation and hesitation at the beginning of the season, Parker never lost his focus.

“When we came here and stepped on the floor, I was always smiling, because the happiness brought by basketball brought back many memories. The opportunity here eases the burden of 2020, reduces the queue and play the games I like pressure.”

Part of Parker’s sense of happiness stems from her daughter’s new interest in the sport of growing up and playing casually. Last December, Lailaa asked her mother about the 2020 season.

Parker said: “She thought,’I can’t wait to go back to Staples (center) to watch the game, and she never said that.” “It’s really special to share your passion with your children.”

The former Tennessee figure spent her entire career at the Sparks Club and is observing the changes in team members every year. But she said that her expectations for this season are the same as any other expectations.

Parker said: “When I joined the league, people wanted to know if I could participate in the game… I have the same problem now.” “I like challenges, and I know there will be many challenges this season, and they will appear after the last season. Many question marks.”

Parker said she focused on things she could control.

She said: “(This season) I don’t know if I have a role.” “I hope for me, it’s just every day of the game. This is also…. Taking care of my body off the court. This is my biggest duty, Just make sure I help my teammates on the court.”

Los Angeles greeted their season on the first day, against Phoenix Mercury.

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