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Patrick Beverley said that if LeBron James wants to return, the NBA will return

the6man Jun 16

Patrick Beverley Drop a bomb on Twitter on Sunday.

Some people interpreted this tweet as Patrick Beverley standing next to LeBron. His view is that when he participates in the NBA rematch next month, players can still become racially active.

But the more general explanation is that Beverly said that the NBA will do whatever James wants, regardless of whether it does it right.

The reason for Beverly’s remarks is whether players should return to court as scheduled in late July, or whether they focused their time and energy on advancing the cause of “black life issues”, which caused widespread public discussion.

James has always been the most outstanding voice supporting social reintegration. He said he believes that playing basketball will not affect his ability to fight for him on the court.

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But Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard are strongly opposed to resuming this season.

According to multiple reports, Irving said in a conversation with 80 other participants on Friday: “I am willing to give up everything (for social reform).”

At the same time, Howard recently said: “I can do everything except to win my first NBA championship. However, the unity of our people will be a bigger championship.”

It remains to be seen how many players can eventually enter the same page, or some people will resume the game and others will not continue the game.

Players can choose to skip the rest of the season without any penalty, but if they do, they will not be paid.

The NBA’s target date is July 30, the date they hope to resume the game at the Disney ESPN Universal Stadium outside Orlando.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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