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Patrick Beverley says that training with Kawhi Leonard has changed his entire game

the6man Jul 18

Patrick Beverley
Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY sports

Patrick Beverley, Point Guard of Los Angeles Clippers, joined sniper JJ Redick and Tommy Alter of New Orleans Pelicans on the JJ Redick podcast. Beverley, known as a hard-core defender and hard worker, showed that training with Kawhi Leonard changed his entire game.

The 32-year-old security guard admitted that he thought he was a tough guy who worked hard. But Leonard was on a different level. Beverley went so far as to call him “a human machine”.

over Nico Martinez from Fadeaway World::

“Let’s call Kawhi. I go down there and work with him. I thought I was a guy who worked hard when I left there. Working hard was a completely different attitude than I thought. Training with this man changed my whole life, changed my whole game. He is a human machine. “

Leonard’s arrival at the Clippers last summer made the team championship candidates. They are currently second in the Western Conference, 5.5 games behind the Lakers.

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