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Patrick Ewing says the Dream Team is like the NBA’s Navy SEALs

the6man May 30

Photo: olympicchannel.com

All-star Patrick Ewing from Hall of Famer and New York Knicks joins Idiots Podcast with ex-NBA Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles to speak openly about his career. You will learn about his childhood in Jamaica and his experience of emigrating to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How he grew up modeling his game after the Celtic Boston Bill Russell. Why he almost became a UCLA Bruin. Georgetown Hoya’s story and return to his alma mater to train. The inside story of being designed by The Knicks. (Spoiler alert: no frozen ballots.) Coach Pat Riley.

His fights with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. (28:30) And why the Knick legend believes that the Dream Team is like the Navy SEALs of the NBA. It is Basketball History 101 from one of the 50 greatest players that has ever played:

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