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Patty Mills promises NBA salary to BLM reasons

the6man Jul 09

San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills will allocate his Orlando NBA salary to Black Lives Matters Australia.

Although some players want to know whether restarting the season will get rid of the impact of the social justice movement, Mills is determined for his career.

“I am proud to say that I will take every penny from the eight games we participated in. For me, it will be AU$1,017,818 and 54 cents respectively and donate it directly to Black Lives in Australia Matter Australia, Black Death. Mills said in a video released by the Spurs: “Guardianship and a recent movement called “We Got You” are dedicated to eliminating racism in Australian sports.

He added: “So I played in Orlando because I didn’t want to leave money on the table that could be used directly by the black community.”

Mills is an Australian and he strongly supports his social justice and the end of racism.

Some players in the league worry that the televised game will cause people to leave the global protests that have occurred since the George Freud incident in Minneapolis.

Celtics defender Jaylen Brown said this week that despite opposing the restart, he will still use his platform to spread information about social justice in Holland.

The league and player unions are working out plans to raise awareness of social justice issues.

One of these ideas includes leaving a message on the back of the jersey.

Patty Mills has been with the Spurs for 9 years, including joining the 2014 championship team.

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