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Phone call between NBA star and Barack Obama saved the season

the6man Nov 02

When the superstars LeBron James, Chris Paul and others ask for help from former President Barack Obama, the NBA season is coming to an end.

“I think it’s almost midnight when Chris (CP) is talking with LeBron and Carmelo [Anthony] I think Russ Westbrook was on the phone, and the conversation we had was exactly what LeBron said. “

After the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin, the game was cancelled.

At the beginning of the summer, many players participated in the protest march, and the NBA adopted a variety of public relations stands to support the “Dark House” movement.

But the players questioned the effectiveness of these actions after Blake.

“Protests are useful in raising awareness, but given the power that NBA players have, my suggestion is that we use the platform to see if you can start asking for some details. This is not a one-off thing,” Obama said. “Sadly, we have seen it again and again.”

“So, one of my suggestions for players is: Is it possible for you to establish an office where you can continue to adopt best practices to start similar incidents, such as [Blake] Less likely? “

Obama suggested that the players set up an office to allow them to take a planned action when something like Blake occurs.

James said: “When there is confusion-when people don’t know what action to take or how to deal with a situation, the best way is to find someone who can talk to you and give guidance, and has this kind of leadership.” “And I’m very fortunate to have a friend who gave us these leaders and those who said,’OK, this can be an action plan; this may be what you ask. If we can do this, then we can continue to work hard, You can also continue the season.”

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