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Pizza maker says Michael Jordan was not poisoned by the faction

the6man May 20

Michael Jordan was sick but still scored 38 points, and now the notorious “flu game” story has a new perspective.

According to Jordan and the people who were with him in his room that night, he had no cold and was suffering from food poisoning.

Jordan ’s personal trainer Tim Grover was with him that night and said they ordered pizza.

Five people showed up to deliver the pizza, which gave everyone a bad feeling, but Jordan still ate the whole pie.

Now, the man responsible for making thin, large, thin-skinned pizzas with extra pepperoni is said to make Jordan sick, and he claimed that the pizza was not poisoned.

Craig Fite, speaking on Monday’s radio show, claimed that it was no secret that the Bulls were there when Salt Lake City reached the finals.

Therefore, when the call came to the local Pizza Hut where he was working, he immediately thought it was a player on the team.

In almost every step, Tate almost denied Jordan’s story, saying that almost every statement made by the Bulls legend and his coach Tim Grover was not realistic.

Fitt recalled: “I remember saying,‘ I will make pizza because I do n’t want you to do anything. ’

“Then I told the driver,” You will take me there. “”

Fite claimed that the story was exaggerated and five people did not deliver it.

It’s just him and the driver.

Whether it is flu or food poisoning, the “flu game” will continue to be one of Jordan’s most famous games in his career.

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