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Players have new ideas for playing games in Disney Bubbles

the6man Jun 22

The NBA may wish to propose “Plan B” because more and more players are sympathetic to the Disney bubble.

The tip activity is planned to be held at ESPN Global Stadium on July 31, but The wave of COVID-19 The Florida case and detailed information about logistics in the bubble stopped players.

Sunshine State broke record records of COVID-19 cases for several days in a row. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said he had no plans to restore the coronavirus restrictions or require Florida residents to wear masks.

At the same time, Disney employees working in Bubblenet will not be subject to the same rigorous testing as players, and employees will be allowed in and out of Bubblenet.

According to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes and Zach Lowe, the players have shared their concerns with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

They also said that Silver has admitted Florida’s soaring numbers, but he is confident in the NBA’s bubble concept.

The National Basketball Player Association held a virtual town hall. Players reiterated their discomfort with Walt Disney World employees (including housekeepers). They did not stay on the NBA campus and were not tested.

The league has stated that it is taking precautions so that Disney employees and NBA personnel will not interact. Disney will assign specific staff to NBA hotel rooms, and they will only clean the room once a week when players go out.

Although most COVD-19 cases are in South Florida, the number is also increasing in Orlando.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass said the league “is closely monitoring Florida and Orange County data and will continue to collaborate with the National Basketball Players Association, public health officials and medical experts on our plan.”

Players must decide whether to participate in the competition before Wednesday, because in Florida, coronavirus cases continue to increase.

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