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Players in doghouses that violate the isolation rules

the6man Jul 15

Houston Rockets Bruno Capocolo King Sacramento Richard Holmes The hard way of rules is being discovered.

After violating the NBA agreement, the isolation period of both players has been extended.

According to ESPN sources, Capocolo left his hotel room during the initial isolation period, which is a big taboo under the Union’s regulations.

Capocolo said he did not realize this limitation, but the league has made clear what players and staff can and cannot do.

The source said: “He should know.” “This is not a secret.”

Now, Capocolo will be subject to the alliance reentry rules, which include the use of long swabs for enhanced coronavirus testing in the nostrils, rather than less invasive tests, and 10-day quarantine in its hotel rooms .

Holmes will return to the quarantine after getting out of the bubble to get food.

Sherlock Holmes issued a statement on Monday, apologizing for his literal mistake.

Holmes said: “I apologize for my actions and look forward to rejoining the playoffs with our teammates.”

There are 8 days left in the quarantine period in Kings.

Sherlock Holmes’s mistakes caused a lot of reactions on Twitter, including one of his mother’s dishes about who he should cook for.

The league issued a statement about the failure of two players.

“These segregations are the result of players interacting with the public outside the entrance to Disney under different circumstances and in accordance with the health and safety agreements agreed by the NBA and the Players Association.”

ESPN’s Bobby Marks reported that if the seeding starts on July 30, players who interrupt quarantine will be subject to financial fines.

Sherlock Holmes’s lost meal cost him nearly $50,000 per missed game.

The Kings will play their first game against the San Antonio Spurs on July 31, and the Rockets will play against the Dallas Mavericks.

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