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Players use the Bubble platform to call on Breonna Taylor to bring justice

the6man Jul 24

Kyle Kuzma knows a thing or two about injustice.

The Lakers forward is Flint, Michigan.

On Wednesday, Kuz joined many NBA players who used media time to refocus their attention on Breonna Taylor.

Paul George spent the entire post-conviction interview on Taylor all day, setting the tone for the day.

George said: “I think this is our purpose and continue to keep it in people’s minds.” “I mean, her murderer is still free, so she hasn’t done anything yet. and [I] Hope to continue this battle again and use our platform to stand up for those who cannot bear it. “

Taylor was killed at her home in Louisville, Kentucky when plainclothes police used the “no knock on door” order to conduct a narcotics investigation. When plainclothes police broke into her house.

The police fired eight shots at Taylor on her bed.

No drugs were found and no persons were charged with crimes

Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma spoke to reporters in Orlando and through Zoom for more than six minutes later that night, mainly answering questions about COVID and the restart, but then Kurz said on Twitter that reporters need to ask more questions related to social justice.

Kurz’s teammate Alex Caruso also screamed because the reporter asked multiple questions about Caruso’s family affairs.

“Apart from my sister’s wedding question, I will answer any request you have of basketball today,’We need Breonna Taylor’s justice,” Caruso said.

Utah Jazz guard Donovan Mitchell also used his time to talk about Taylor.

“We need Breonna Taylor’s justice, we all know that she was killed in her own home; you know if there is a place where you can’t feel safe in your home, that’s not right.” Mitchell said.

In addition to health concerns, many players are also worried that rematching will shift their attention from Social justice Question, but it looks like they intend to continue the conversation.

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This post is written by Bonny Johnson


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