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Rajon Rondo talked about what made him choose the Lakers

the6man Sep 01

A year later, Rajon Rondo and the Los Angeles Lakers reunited after the Memphis Grizzlies received a guard exemption. The 35-year-old defender has made history in Los Angeles, and he helped the team win the 2020 championship.

When asked what made him choose to go to the Lakers among all the available options, Rondo mentioned four people. “[Having relationship with players and coaches] Played a huge role,” Rondo said. “Obviously, everyone wants to be wanted. But with coach Frank, I talked to him this morning about his expectations of me, and understood that he missed my voice in the locker room, which means a lot, and I understand that I am really valuable here and want to be wanted.

“So Frank is a big key. Obviously, talking to ‘Bron, AD, we have been in touch. Rob [Pelinka]It has been true to me since the first day. Even the first time I signed with the Lakers. So having those old relationships, not bridges to the past, let great things come together. “

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