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Raptors arrive in Orlando bubble by “Black Life” bus

the6man Jul 11

The Toronto Raptors issued a major statement and arrived in Orlando on the “Black Stay” bus to join the bubble league.

The team tweeted on its social media account: “There is no choice for silence.”

In addition to focusing on COVID-19, many participants also want to be assured that they will be able to continue to raise awareness of social justice and systemic racism issues using the restart as a platform.

Many players have selected their own messages from the approved message list Jersey And “Black Lives Matter” will appear on the edge of the court.

The NBA will end on July 30, and most players have joined their team to complete the season.

Due to safety issues and the desire to focus on social justice issues and off-site activities, some people do choose to stay for the rest of the season.

Many players such as Jaylen Brown and Enes Kanter participated in the protests after the murder of George Floyd and expressed their commitment to help achieve change .

High-profile ballet dancers such as LeBron James believe that players can continue to do things in their communities and play basketball.

While fighting for MVP and title, James has been very active in social justice, community advocacy and non-profit work.

Dogfight The game will start in a bubble on Wednesday, July 22.

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This post is written by Justin Hickey


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