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Raptors’ trainer Nick Nurse talks about Phil Jackson’s “triangle” and Toronto’s “other shape”

the6man May 17

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Nick Nurse said former Bulls and Lakers coach Phil Jackson had had a huge impact on him. While in the early 20s of the British basketball scene, Jackson inspired Nurse to continue his dream as a basketball coach.

Nurse led the Toronto Raptors to an epic playoff run last season and the first NBA title in the organization’s history.

The head coach of the reigning NBA champion traveled to northern Montana to spend a three-day stay with legendary former coach Phil Jackson. They had met before the start of last season, Nurse’s first year as an NBA coach, in which they won a championship.

“I get there, we have a cup of coffee and he says” Get in my truck “and we drive around the lake for a few hours,” said the nurse Michael Grange from Sportsnet, per The score. “I’m just sitting with the windows down, ‘wow’.”

He also commented on the “triangle offense,” which was the signature of the “winning mark” he had left in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Here’s what Nick Nurse said about the “triangle offense” and the other system of his Raptors team:

“You heard a lot of these guys talk about it in ‘The Last Dance’. I think again five guys are an integral part of the offense as we like to do it now – our type is less a triangle than more of a large, widely spaced square – but it got better over the year and then they find themselves yourself in a situation where there are now more opportunities for them. “

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