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Rasheed Wallace thought Scottie Pippen would be “a little overwhelmed”.

the6man Jun 12

Photo: Matt A. Brown / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers were one of the top Western Conference teams in the early 2000s. Shaquille O’Neal and Robert Horry recently described Portland as your toughest opponent.

One of the big steps the blazers took to add players was the signing of six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen. Former blazer star Rasheed Wallace remembered the time when Pippen arrived in Portland.

“I thought he was going to get stuck a bit, but he wasn’t. He was a down to earth guy and he helped me personally, he helped us,” said Wallace at the Good show with Ben Ennis and JD Bunkis. “We were a good team, but with his leadership at certain points deep in the season that helped us. Certain games he chose to be that leader, that spoken voice in that locker room. “

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