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Reggie Miller almost decided not to participate in “The Last Dance”

the6man May 20

Adrenaline scorer and opponent rival Reggie Miller played in the NBA for 18 seasons, and everyone played for the Indiana Pacers.

Although Miller’s wonderful scenes are endless, he has participated in multiple All-Star games and won the Olympic gold medal, but he never put his hands on the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Miller’s later career, Kobe Bryant’s Lakers, kept Miller from winning.

Recalling his face-to-face failure with Jordan may not be among Miller’s to-do items.

“Last Dance” director Jason Hehir (Jason Hehir) detailed the difficulty of Miller entering the 10-episode series.

Heji said through CBS Sports: “It took us a while to get Reggie,” we called, called, called, emailed, called, called, and finally he agreed to sit down. You have to give it to that guy, because I know that until today, it still has to sting because the team is so incredible. “

Hirsch said he did not know if Miller had received these calls or was unimpressed.

Miller’s teammate Jalen Rose said that almost everyone who confirmed Miller ignored these calls.

Rose said in the CBS Sports Department: “I originally wanted him to be interviewed for this document, but he didn’t want to do it. It was too painful.”

When Mj ended his career, Miller’s interview was critical to discussing the Pacers’ fight with the Bulls.

The 1997-98 Pacers almost ended the Bulls’ sixth title.

Jordan said in the documentary: “If I had to choose a team that brought us the toughest moments in the East, Indiana might be the toughest moment outside Detroit.”

Thank you very much for Miller’s decision to sit down and provide more insights for fans.

After the coronavirus infection, “The Last Dance” provided fans with some much-needed NBA moves.

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