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Report: NBA players “rushing” is about to enter the playoffs

the6man May 30

Quinn Cook LeBron James
Photo: Catherine Lodz / Getty Images

As the NBA continues to weigh the options for returning to the game, the consensus among players is not to rush into the playoffs.

Up SportsCenter in collaboration with Scott Van Pelt, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne pointed out that before entering the playoffs, players have agreed to participate in some regular season games.

Shelburne said: “I think that the NBA players are very firm now, because they don’t just want to have 16 teams, directly into the playoffs.” “No one wants to have, this is actually four months of layoffs, and finally One game is March 11. We are talking about late July and early August. The game is four months apart. No one wants the first meaningful game they play to become a playoff. They need some time to Find your place again and regain the chemistry in the team. And there is a danger of injury. “

According to reports, Commissioner Adam Silver hopes to make a decision on the season. Early to mid-June.

The league has discussed with Disney to make the ESPN Sports World Wide Area Network in Orlando, Florida, a possible “bubble” field to resume the game.

It is unclear how many teams will be involved and what form will be used, but it seems clear that players need some “preparation” time to perform live action again.

Shelburne outlined the possible appearance.

“You have a few regular season games, about five to seven games, and then you have a chance to participate in the game,” Shelburne said. “The players don’t want to come back and enter the playoffs.”

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