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Rich Paul, Klutch Sports, wants to cut ties with the Philadelphia 76ers, according to the report

the6man Sep 01

Photo: Alex Menendez / Getty Images

Rich Paul wants to end ties with the Philadelphia 76ers amid Ben Simmons trade rumors. Bleacher Report’s Jason Dumas says Klutch Sports would like Tyrese Maxey to be included in a potential Simmons deal.

Dumas adds that some local organizations had planned to work with Maxey on community events. You should abandon these plans, however, because Paul doesn’t want Maxey to take root in town if he could leave.

Simmons officially requested a change from the team today. Maxey, 20, is seen as a potential key element in the future of the 76s.

Philadelphia even seemed unwilling to include Maxet in any deal with James Harden. In this case, Simmons was likely at the heart of the Sixers’ trading package.

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