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Richard Jefferson said the player hotline is not a “bug”

the6man Aug 03

Richard Jefferson talks about the 2016 Finals

NBA legend Physics Richard Jefferson enthusiastically defended the anonymous NBA player “hotline” in the Orlando bubble, saying that it was vital, and that the player who informed other players of the malfeasance was not “roaring laughter”.

The hotline is a telephone line, and NBA players in the bubble can call the person anonymously to report players or staff who are acting outside of the very strict agreement that exists in the bubble.

Speak Yahoo! physical education, Jefferson spoke on the hotline-it has become the opponent of many jokes and skits in recent weeks, most of which revolve around the concept of players “weaving” each other.

Jefferson said: “We are laughing at this. It is important to find humor in this situation, but it must not be itch.”

“Some players are susceptible to this disease. Some people have just had children. If someone is risking everyone’s health and safety, if someone is going to bubble up and do something they shouldn’t be doing, they risk billions of dollars. Risk, it is simply a bug!”

Finally, Jefferson said that the anonymity provided to complaining players is a key factor in encouraging them to report errors.

“This is not the block, it is not your neighbor, it is not your brother or sister. You are sneaking. This is trying to make sure everyone enters there and exits safely. I have no problem with that.”

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