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Rocket owner Tilman Fertitta believes the NBA will end in the 2019-20 season

the6man May 19

Whether the NBA can resume the 2019-20 season remains to be seen, but Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta believes that during the Corona Virus pandemic, the NBA season will end at some point.

Since March 11th, the Judge sports center Rudy Gobert’s coronavirus test has been positive, forcing the league to suspend the game, after which the NBA campaign was postponed.

On Monday, Fertitta said at the White House ’s roundtable meeting of restaurant executives and industry leaders that President Trump asked him about the NBA and proposed plans to advance the season.

President Trump specifically asked the Rockets owner, “Are you going to end this season?” To follow up on his questions about Feltita.

Feltita said: “I think we are talking about ending X games this season.” “Players need to play to get paid, and now they have to cut their salaries by 25%. Unlike other sports, they own 50% of our income. Therefore, even if they are not the income of standing people, they want to get the income so that they can get paid. “

In the case where each NBA team does not participate in the same number of games, the question is whether to include the regular season or use the current winning percentage to directly enter the playoffs.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did not suggest whether the league is about to make a decision.

If the season is over, it is likely to happen without fans.

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