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Rocket star Tucker (P.J. Tucker) said that let James Harden practice “can change everything”

the6man Jul 16

P.J Tuck Houston Rockets
Photo: Bleacher Report

Various teams are currently preparing for the Orlando Olympics. The Houston Rockets are the best in the team and full of hope.

When Russell Westbrook had the coronavirus, the Rockets still owned James Harden. Harden has long been the core of this team. He won the MVP award and the scoring king. If this team is going anywhere, it will be supported by this superstar. P.J. Tucker exemplifies this concept.

According to Jonathan Feigan of the Houston Chronicle Said:

“It changed everything. He is our captain. He drives the boat and everyone fills the space around him. He is our guy. He is that guy. The intensity goes up. The game level goes up.”

Unity is the key to winning the team. The team that can maintain it for the longest extended period will win. The Rockets seem to support each other, and in this climate, due to the chemical action of the coronavirus, both teams are in a state where any player can fall.

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