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Rockets general manager Daryl Morey reacts to concerns that Mike D’Antoni may skip Orlando’s coaching

the6man Jun 12

Mike D'Antoni Daryl Morey
Photo: Zach Beeker/Getty Images

Daryl Morey addressed concerns that the Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni might skip the coach when he restarts the NBA.

D’Antoni is the second oldest head coach (69 years old) in the NBA, and people have been worried that he may be easily infected with coronavirus due to his age.

For the Rockets general manager Morey, he firmly believes that the league should not be in any position to prevent Antoni from coaching Houston.

“Mike will guide our team. Losing him will be a huge disadvantage. We will never support it. To be fair, they have established a procedure where everyone must submit a medical record. I’m sure the doctor told them that certain age Those above should not go.

However, Mike is in good health. His figure is better than our existing 40-year-old coach. In addition, I think his father lived to be around 108 years old. ” ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan.

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This post is written by Yiannis Bouranis


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