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Rudy Gobert describes the challenge of coping with the coronavirus rebound

the6man Jul 04

Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert When his positive coronavirus test prompted Commissioner Adam Silver to suspend the season in March, he was drawn to the NBA community.

To make matters worse, a video spread the virus, which showed Gobert touching the microphone to laugh at the spread of the coronavirus.

“The people around me, they really understand me, they know who I am, which is very important to me,” Gobert passed in a video conference with reporters ESPN.

From day one, Gorbert insisted that he should take the corona virus more seriously.

In the months since being diagnosed, Gobert has worked with the NBA to encourage the public to put on masks and follow the advice of virologists.

“Ultimately, I won’t be able to control what everyone thinks about me, but I can control my actions, what I do for the people around me and the community. What I do for teammates on and off the court is Everything I can control, and this is what really matters to me.” Gobert continued.

Jazz star Donovan Mitchell The coronavirus test was also positive and reportedly extremely frustrated by Gobert’s carelessness.

Gorbert said the two are now in good shape.

Gobert, Mitchell and other jazz bands will travel to Orlando on July 7.

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This post is written by Chris Heckmann


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