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Sabrina Ionescu reveals that when she was 10 she pushed adult men into pick-up games for money

the6man May 15

Sabrina Ionescu, Oregon Ducks. (Joe Scarnici / Getty Images)

WNBA draft # 1 for 2020 was a bit hectic as a child. Sabrina Ionescu, who will soon be joining the New York Liberty, announced that she and her brother had won money from adult men during lunch break and had earned enough to go on snacks at 7-Eleven.

The 22-year-old was interviewed by TNT’s Ernie Johnson on Thursday morning and also revealed this.

She said:

“They didn’t think I could play, they didn’t think I could shoot,” said Ionescu. “So we’d lure her into some competitions, some shooting competitions, some games for money, like,” Hey, a few dollars she can’t beat. And I was out there and I acted like I didn’t know how to play. When the game started, I started throwing free and threes, so it got to the point where we could get enough money. Go to 7-Eleven across the street. “

We have to assume that she has already seen Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes. White men cannot jump. It was pretty much the same business.

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