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Sad for Mississippi State fans, Vic Schaefer of Texas is doing well Hoopfeed.com

the6man May 19

Published on April 6, 2020


Photo: Mississippi State Stadium

On Monday, I hated the new normal of working at home, so I kept scrolling through Twitter to enjoy debates, opinions, and sports collapses, which is what Twitter often happens on Sunday afternoon. Caught my attention.

Former Mississippi Gov. Blair Schaefer (Blair Schaefer) wore sportswear, wearing a classic Texas orange-bladed suit jacket, with a long horned bull head behind him. Vic Schafefer is the eight-year father of the Mississippi Governor. Her father and wife Holly and twin brother Logan Christopher are on her far left. In my opinion, this news is Blair’s first coaching position outside Mississippi State.

I want to benefit Blair.

Then, my schedule was filled with the words “Vic”, “Hook’em” and “new head coach”, and the real news began to crumble.

Vic Schafer has reached a new agreement with Texas to become the fifth head coach of the plan. He will succeed Karen Aston, who did not renew his coaching contract after playing for five seasons with Longhorns.

“There is a wish list [for] Coach, “said Texas Sports Director Chris Del Conte.” … The name on my wish list is Vick Schafer. “


That was my first preliminary thought. Sunday is a gloomy day for becoming a bulldog, but for longhorns, heaven is a palm Sunday.

There are reasons for the shocking coaching shift. Mississippi even matched the Texas offer, but Schaeff’s values ​​are clearly the same thing.

He said: “I’m very happy to be home.” “My job now is to restore this program to the previous national reputation.”

Austin welcomes their golden child home. Vic grew up there and was born in Brackenridge Hospital in 1961. He used to stand across the road from the Austin campus in Texas. The main source.

Now, he and his parents, Charles Albert and Amy Dorothy Schaefer (Amy Dorothy Schaefer) are only 65 miles away. His sister Elaine Baldwin is his only relative, now only two hours away. Schaefer can finally go home, not to mention a new starting point for winning the national championship.

Schaefer said: “Being the head coach of the University of Texas Women’s Basketball is a huge responsibility.” “I don’t know that there is a greater responsibility in all college sports because of the history and story tradition of the program. There is no one day Enough time to talk about the impact of the Texas Women ’s Basketball, especially Jody Conradt on our game. I am honored to have the opportunity to restore it to the whole country. “

What else does Texas want? The Lone Star is here, his resume is amazing, ready to welcome a new chapter. A brand new start will attract new attention and introduce new institutions to the Frank Owen Center. Schaefer proved that he could win. He eventually completed college at Texas A & M University, where he won the national championship of Gary Blair’s assistant head coach. He left Mississippi with a 221-22 (.781) record and won the regular season and championship SEC titles, as well as two appearances for four regional and national championships.

To win and succeed is nothing more than Longhorns need to wait for. It even stimulated the competition of the 12 giants again.

Baylor’s head coach Kim Mulkey is a new member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and has been firmly in control of the conference for the past two decades. Starting from Texas and driving along I-35, the Bears have won the regular season championship every season since 2011 and won eight championships in 2011 (except 2011) , And has won the national championship three times since 2005. Schaefer had a chance to give Texas what seemed impossible.

As Schaefer enters a new era, so will Mississippi. There is no doubt that he has already done his job, because MSU is no longer regarded as a “tough guy” in the Division I women’s basketball game. The bulldog is a legitimate competitor.

“For our youth and lack of experience this year, I am proud of my young ladies and my student athletes,” Schaefer said. “I watched them grow in front of my eyes, sometimes even growing up every day and every hour.”

The current well-known player is freshman guard Rickea Jackson, who led all scorers with 15 points per game at the end of the season. In the second half of the season, she averaged 16.5 points per game, which is her main performance.

Yemiyah Morris and Sidney Cooks, junior students of Andra Espinoza-Hunter, both dropped out of Mississippi for a year. The expertise of Schaefer’s tenacious defense and shooting plan should remain strong. Sincerely believe that no matter who fills Schaefer’s big shoes, the bulldog will bloom.

Since the coaching staff is still sorting out, Mississippi State University has a familiar name that can extend its reign. Johnnie Harris (Johnnie Harris) was the first name to appear. Since the A & M era, she has been Schaefer’s right-hand man, helping to train defensive players such as sophomore center Jessika Carter. Her most famous work was accompanied by former center Teara McCowan (Teaira McCowan), joined the Indiana mania as two national champions, becoming the third overall pick of the 2019 WNBA Draft.

“You know how I feel about my employees, we are a family,” Schafer said. “If Johnny could be the head coach of Mississippi State University, I would love it. No one would be more happy for her and would be proud of it.”

Kentucky head coach Matthew Mitchell made the Wildcats the top SEC contender. Although I’m sure, Mitchell, a native of Louisville, Mississippi, and Missouri State University alumni will be invited to fill the vacancy of the head coach position-he seems to be stuck in his masterpiece.

Schaefer would say “Praise the Lord, hook their horns?” Reminiscent of how often he signs with bulldogs. Maybe. For me, “praise the Lord, go to Dougs” makes the ears smoother. That is just my opinion, but one thing is not worth discussing.

Mississippi State waved goodbye to the best coach in MSU sports history.

Schaefer and his players put Mississippi State University within the national attention-Monaco Williams, three hours away from the University of Texas, played against UConn Eskimos in the 2017 Dallas Final Four Dazzling. He is a coach and developed players for the next level of the game. After the game, even if his sweat drenched his jersey, he let his players meet and greet him. Pain, exhaustion or exhaustion – players are still interacting with die-hard fans, or “shake hands and kiss babies” as Schaefer said. This is not a tedious task, but thanks to their unparalleled support.

Say goodbye to a coach who donated $ 10,000 to the local girls and boys club in Starkville, and the fans made another $ 41,000 from their sincere love for Schaefer and his team. Mississippi State University welcomed the host of their Hail State Basketball Club, who welcomed more than 180 fans to have a weekday lunch with him. They asked questions about his dog, commented on the defense, and listened to his growl. These guys provided insights to change the game. He is willing to accept all this.

They lost a person who made ESPN and SEC networks regular guests. They saw Starkville ’s exciting self-conscious StarkVegas in White Out against South Carolina, and painted a white for 10,500 fans of The Hump Temporary winter wonderland, or blackout for Ole Miss.

Schaefer also left a personal influence, shaking my hand and thanking me for my work When I wrote about the tough times about Mississippi ’s only black beat writer.

Schaefer stained his hands to build a refreshing family dance floor. Most of his opponents were stiff. He has led 119-16 at home for eight years at Humphrey Stadium. He asked himself, coaches, players and fans to be responsible. In the playoff press conference, he was emotional, this is the last time his players were immersed in an unparalleled home atmosphere. Schaefer dedicated his soul to Mississippi. Now his time is up.

Business is business, and Schaefer follows the coach’s decision in Texas: choose the plan that best suits his current or upcoming situation. On one occasion, he had to prove himself by bringing the Mississippi government under his wings to realize his full potential.

This is a surprising, numb departure, but the eight-year journey is simply amazing and worth every minute of Schaeffer’s dedication.

I’m sure this is a consensus that every bulldog can reach.

Texas is excited about this.

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