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Scott Perry, GM of Knicks, says the BLM movement shouldn’t be a current trend

the6man Jun 19

Photo: theknickswall.com

The Black Lives Matter movement is still on the rise as many people in the United States “fight” against racial inequality and social injustice.

As NBA teams and players celebrate June 19, a holiday that ended slavery, New York Knicks general manager Scott Perry made a crucial point during a discussion with children and teachers.

“Let us not allow this to be just a moment in time,” Perry said Thursday in a discussion by invitation only Marc Berman of the NY Post.

“I’ve been around long enough to know that things that have happened in our history – there is a temporary outrage and then a boom, things are back to normal. Don’t let this happen. This is a call for action for all young people. “

Perry expressed the need for continuous action so that Black Lives Matters is not a one-off trend. He also explained that athletes must fight racism and social injustice to reach their communities.

“I think their words must be followed up,” said Perry. “The impact that an athlete’s words and actions can have, not only for the people around them, but also for the millions who watch them on TV or on their cell phones and engage in every word, every action and every feeling, that these boys and girls share.

That is why I think that I am really prepared to understand this responsibility and continue to address their communities in the way that they see best as an impact on the community. “

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