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Serge Ibaka believes that the Raptors ‘fit’ the dollars perfectly

the6man Jul 27

Photo by Al Bello / Getty Images

Serge Ibaka claimed defending champion Toronto Raptors was a perfect match for the Milwaukee Bucks.

The big man of the Raptors believes that his team can defeat the goats again.

“I think we fit them perfectly. Because they play like this, we are big. They have people like Giannis, and you have to have some bodies, some tall ones that can move their feet, and we have these people.

It’ll still take an army of people to stop him, but at least you have someone he can see … because he can’t see anyone, you know him, he’ll get to the basket.

But if he can see a body before help comes, I think this is a big, big help for the team. We have OG (Anunoby), we have Pascal (Siakam) who is big enough and sometimes you have me and Marc (Gasol), ”said Ibaka Joe Vardon from The Athletic.

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