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Shane Battier explains how to protect Bryant as his “ultimate chess game”

the6man Jun 11

Image: Youtube.com

Shane Battier has been a prototype conversion guard with Kobe Bryant several times in his career. At the Western Conference, Battier and Kobe had several unforgettable duels, where the assistant general manager of Memphis spent most of his early career.

Battier always put his hands in front of Kobe to distract him and make him do more “work” for his views.

This is Battier during the sharing He recently appeared on the “The Brodie and the Beard” podcast:

“An interesting story about hands and faces, Bryant said:’That’s useless, I saw too much muscle memory from it,’ (but) the reason I did this was not to make him miss it. That’s not my goal, he Thought yes. trying to get him to go prove This method is invalid. Moreover, by trying to prove that this method does not work, the only thing he can do is take his worst shot and make a long jump shot, which is what I care about.

Whether he shoots or misses a shot I don’t care about, but I know what he does by shooting is the most beneficial to me and the most unfavorable for his efficiency, so this is the game in the game I played with Kobe , And that is just the ultimate chess game. I’m just talking about chicken skin umps now, but he is the only one who really reaches this level. I am really sad that we will never have the opportunity to talk about this issue in person again. “ SB Nation.

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