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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Rajon Rondo’s entry into the Lakers

the6man Aug 30

Photo: Yanshan Zhang / Getty Images

Former all-star point guard Rajon Rondo is loudly set to return to the Los Angeles Lakers Reports. The Veterans Guard is bought out by the Memphis Grizzlies and wants to go back to the purple and gold players who stack their roster with RPGs who have previously played with the team. Just two seasons ago, Rondo was a key part of the LeBron James team that won the bubble title. Hear what three-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe had to say about the Lakers’ decision to pursue the 35-year-old veteran: “Rondo will fit in better than the Clippers. WE have playoff rondo, I don’t know what you had last year. But this is an opportunity for LeBron to stay away from the ball in order to save his minutes. “

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