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Shaquille O’Neal: “I just found that the 90s was the greatest era of basketball.”

the6man May 20

Photo: NBC Sports

The NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal had his own snack from “The Last Dance”, a documentary of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. The four-time NBA champion was reminded of how great basketball was in the 90s.

“I just found that the 90s was the greatest era of basketball,” said Shaq when asked about his impressions of “The Last Dance”. Orlando Magic with the young O’Neal was one of the top teams in this era.

Shaq joined the NBA in 1992 and had an immediate impact, which led Orlando to a 41-41 record. He was also the first rookie since Michael Jordan in 1985 to be selected as the starter for the all-star game.

The Magic made the playoffs in 1993-94, but was swept by the Pacers in the first round. The next season Orlando reached the NBA final and defeated the Jordan Bulls in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference. In 1995-96, Magic ended the regular season number two behind Chicago. The top two teams in the east met Bulls in the conference finale.

In the off-season, Shaq left Orlando as a free agent and signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won three titles alongside Kobe Bryant.

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