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Shaquille O’Neal reveals what Phil Jackson told him at their first meeting

the6man May 21

Shaquille O'Neal Phil Jackson
Photo: Justin Sullivan / AP

Shaquille O’Neal spoke about his first meeting with Phil Jackson when he became the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

O’Neal revealed what his new coach was asking him to do at the time.

“He brought a resume with him. When he says “do that,” we all know that he knows what he’s talking about. Because every summer if we lost we would see him in the finals.

When I first met him, he said, “If you listen to me, you will become MVP. You listen to me, you will win a championship.” And I said, “Cool.” The first thing he said was, “No more albums , limit your advertising and do everything I say. “

And I agreed and it was probably the best years I played. Once we had that formula of how we could win, we were just thirsty for more, ”said O’Neal in a recent interview on the Rich Eisen Show Megan Armstrong from Bleacher Report.

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