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Shawn Kemp says players of his day smoked marijuana to avoid pills

the6man Nov 02

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Former NBA superstar Shawn Kemp recently announced that he smoked marijuana during his season, which is no surprise. However, former Seattle high-flyer SuperSonics claims that his contemporaries were also using the drug at the time. Some players did this so they wouldn’t have to take pills.

“When I played, we absolutely smoked the day we played,” said Kemp TMZ Sports. “We were responsible for it, but we definitely smoked. … Sometimes guys don’t like to burst the pills, some guys, they don’t want to take that risk so this is another way to professionally take care of yourself and get it right. “

Kemp, a six-time NBA All-Star, says marijuana is the perfect solution to pain. Last week he opened a pharmacy in Seattle where marijuana is legal.

It’s also believed that the NBA could Allow its athletes to use marijuana in the near future.

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