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Signature action: Valencia Bojan Dubljevic

the6man Jun 20

In modern basketball, it is important to have big men who can maintain stability in all aspects of the game.

Much like choice Online betting site, Can provide you with a full range of gaming experience, Bojan Dubljevic of the Valencia basket is a player who can play well in all aspects of the game.

Dubljevic is the seventh season of Valencia. He has twice won the 7DAYS EuroCup championship, and he is leading in scoring, rebounding and performance index scores.

He also demonstrated his skills in three Turkish Airlines Europa League seasons. Over the years, Dubljevic has mastered one of the most effective catches and catchers in the basketball world and can find excellent shooting opportunities on the perimeter.

Making the right decision quickly is Dubljevic’s specialty. He is proficient in reading pick-and-roll defenses in order to constantly find advantages. If there is no switch, but his defender gets lost to stop the ball handler he chose, Dubljevic will pop smoothly along the three-point line to make room and easily shoot.

Of course, if the defender tries to change gears, Dubrevich will follow suit and pull his smaller defender to the basket. What makes Dubrevich unique is his depth of shot and speed of release, especially at the top of his favorite three-point arc.

Dubrevich has the advantage of relying on three excellent pick-and-roll point guards: Gillem Vevis, Sam Van Rotherm, and especially Quino Kolom, who always keeps the ball Put it in the right position. Although Dubljevic and Colom have limited playing time (Dubljevic averages 23 minutes per game, Colom 18), they received 31 assists last season, ranking 13th in the game.

In the incomplete 2019-29 season, Dubrevich is one of the only European Union quarterers with a height of 2.05 meters or more, and can make more than 20 three-pointers, each with a drop of 30 points or more More, this distinguishes the quartet from other big men in the league in terms of outdoor shooting.

Dabrevich led all center three-pointers (3.3 per game), and most of them made early shots when picking up the ball or in transitional situations. With all his weapons, Dubrevich ranked 9th in the European League with 14.2 points per game, but ranked 6th (24.2) when scoring points proportionally within 40 minutes. In minutes, Dubljevic also ranked 10th in rebounds (11.0 every 40 minutes), and the performance index ranked 4th (30.7). Equally important, everyone in Valencia is confident in the club’s franchisees. Everyone believes Dubljevic’s three-pointer and pick-up skills. Dabrevich entered the peak of his career at the age of 28 and was recently signed by Valencia. Until at least 2023, he has the ability to shoot Valencia to the next level of the European League.

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