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Skip Bayless says Kyrie Irving “is trying to challenge LeBron’s authority”

the6man Jun 18

Kyrie Irving
Image: dailysnark.com

Kyrie Irving Focus of attention According to reports, after he recently called the player Sitting for the rest of the season. Sports analyst Skip Bayless believes that in doing so, the Brooklyn Nets star tried to challenge LeBron James’ authority in the NBA, but without plans, it would only make him look bad.

“I still highly respect Kyrie’s talent and his ability to score. He is a talented young man both physically and mentally. But from your point of view, he is not born with the kind of leadership gene that some people do not have, Some people don’t.” Bayles said on UNDISPUTED.

“I believe he tried to challenge LeBron’s authority because his outstanding position in the league is considered the first activist in all sports,” Baylors continued. “Cary said,’Pay attention to what I can activate here.’ But he didn’t have a clear plan. Suddenly, the quietest Lakers walked out of the left, and suddenly, Avery Bradley took over the league. Voice, he started to make sense to me.

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