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Sky school Sparks, 96-78, no key personnel

the6man Jul 29

For the second time in three days, Chicago Sky achieved an impressive victory without a key player.

Tuesday was perhaps the biggest surprise, as Sky defeated the high-power Los Angeles Sparks 96-78 without their two starters.

Due to injury, Diamond DeShields played a limited game again, and forward Stefanie Dolson withdrew from the game. But Kahleah Copper improved again by 21 points, and Azura’s Stevens also added 21 points. This is a victory for Chicago.

Coach James Wade said: “This undoubtedly makes us a more dangerous team because we have a lot of players who can put the ball into the basket.” “But what makes us even more dangerous is that we have multiple willing to share. Its participants.”

Wade was impressed by his team’s selfless performance.

“This is the second game where we have more than 25 assists. So people will see us score, but this is actually the way we score,” he said. “We provided 25 assists for 37 to 38 field goals. This is how we want to play. We want to be a team that can move the ball and receive multiple threats. But we also want to be a shared responsibility Team. So this is important to us.”

Sky jumped to start the game with a 12-3 lead, and Los Angeles answered with a 16-3 run. It was a back and forth game until the second half, when Chicago took the lead in the third quarter and never looked back.

Brittney Sykes leads Sparks off the bench, averaging 16 points per game, while the rest of the team is relatively quiet.

The Sky team won the biggest victory in team history against Los Angeles, shooting 54%. But their ball control is the key.

Stevens said: “We really like real team chemistry.” “And I think it’s very important at this level because many teams don’t. But we really all play together, and on any night, it It can be anyone’s name, and our scores are balanced, our balls are shared very well. We hit people.”

Center Cheyenne Parker said the team’s versatility has allowed them to reach another level this season.

Parker said: “I think it’s a great thing that all big men can join our team, and that’s what makes us different.” “It’s hard to protect all five people, especially when there is penetration. . When there is penetrating power, you have to help, which will allow someone to open the door to knock down the gun.”

Earlier in the day, the team announced that it would cooperate with “Justice Athletes” to launch a project called “SkyTakesAction”. Chicago players will go all out to donate to #SkyTakesAction for every 10 dollars earned, 100 dollars for each win and 50 dollars for each loss. The proceeds will be used to help five organizations in the city: Children’s Craft Club, BYP100, Black Life Movement, Chicago Fire Department Community Arts Center and Future Link. Also encourage fans to mightycause.com/donate/A4jxchicagosky Support the Chicago community. After defeating Los Angeles, Sky players will donate $1,060 to #SkyTakesAction.

Parker said: “We are trying to raise as much money as possible.” Obviously, the more money, the better. However, the fact is that we are doing something, and we are representing the Chicago Sky in the form of teams, procedures and actions. I think that we are taking the initiative and trying to raise people’s awareness and prompt others to take action. This is indeed a paint. “

“The whole purpose of what we do is to try to make our fans active and get them involved. So, I’m really excited, and I can’t wait to see how it goes and how much money we can raise.”

Chicago takes a vacation on Wednesday night, and then the Minnesota Bobcats on Thursday night.

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This post is written by Sherron Shabazz


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