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Sky’s late effort is not enough, because Lynx has an 83-81 win rate

the6man Jul 31

Palmetto, Florida-July 30: Sylvia Fowles scores a goal against the sky. Stephen Gosling / NBAE Photography: Getty Images.

Chicago Sky failed to score a layup in the final seconds of the game, and the Chicago Sky team lost to the Minnesota Bobcats 83-81 in a tough game on Thursday.

This is the first defeat of the Sky Series this season, having won twice before. Coach James Wade said he was disappointed that his team had to rely on the heroes of the late game again after the overall performance was inconsistent.

Wade said: “I am very grateful for this game (at the end of the game).” “I just think we don’t have to be there. At first I would rather have a sense of urgency. I know we are tired, but everyone is tired. But you All you need to do is to research deeply. You have to find things that don’t make unity stand out, and then start thinking for yourself.”

Courtney Vandersloot (Courtney Vandersloot) made 21 corner kicks in the team’s first two games, scored 16 points and only had 4 assists. Azurá Stevens (Azurá Stevens) won the first double double of his career with 16 points and 11 rebounds. Her frontcourt partner, Cheyenne Parker (Cheyenne Parker) also scored double-doubles. He scored 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Napheesa Collier led Minnesota with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

Kahleah Copper scored 39 points in the team’s first two games and only 6 points in the game against Lynx. Although Copper’s offensive start last weekend was impressive, she only had six shots with Lynx. Wade does not want to rely solely on scoring to apply pressure because he believes that moving the ball will create more scoring opportunities for his players. Chicago is the best passing team in the league, but only 18 assists against Minnesota.

Wade said: “Our team is not a real team. You have to get the same person to shoot 15 shots at night.” “Since I came here, we have never been that team again. The ball must move. I feel if We believe that the ball can move (copper) to get more shots, but the ball does not move.”

“Our team only had 18 assists. We settled down for a lot of controversial jump shots, which we shouldn’t. The ball must move, we attack the penalty area, we skip the ball, and then move. I think if we do, You may see her get more opportunities.”

The Sky team lost the game in a 35-33 rebounding game, failed to protect the paint, got 28 paint points, but gave up 36. As the league’s second-best three-pointer basketball team, their distance is only 6 of 24. Gabby Williams made 0 of 6 shots from beyond the three-point line, and sharp shooter Allie Quigley went out 1-8.

Chicago played the third game in five nights, but Wade did not use fatigue as an excuse for loss.

He said: “We don’t go out and practice crazy because we can’t do it. It’s not very smart.” “So we do a lot of things through film works, walkthroughs and similar things. But it’s hard, but every Everyone has the same problem, everyone has the same problem. And if we think it’s difficult, then we will have to do it in 10 consecutive games, we play one day every day, we play one day every day , We play one day a day. This is the purpose of our registration.”

A highlight of the evening was that Wandersloot surpassed Becky Hammon to rank fifth on the WNBA’s list of all-time assist leaders (1,710). She paid tribute to the players who appeared after the game.

“The players I expect are all the players in the top five,” Van der Slaughter said. “I looked at the list today, and all these players, incredible point guards. Becky Hammon is very interesting. Sue Bird is obviously from Seattle, I It’s been a long time and she is still doing it at such a high level.”

“So, Ticha [Penicheiro] Diana [Taurasi], All of this is incredible. I looked at the numbers and said, ‘I will never catch them! This may be the only time! ’Therefore, I am honored to be on this list. There are some of the best players in the world on the list. “

Sky rests on Friday, and then plays against the defending WNBA champion Washington Mystics on Saturday night.

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This post is written by Sherron Shabazz


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