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Small marketing team urges NBA to rejoin entire league

the6man Jun 02

On Friday, the NBA convened a board of directors on the league’s resumption this summer.

At the end of the conference call, Oklahoma City Thunder boss Clay Bennett made some touching final words explaining why the league and its owners need to consider small market balls that may not be in the NBA summer plan Team competition and financial situation. .

The league is currently exploring games in Orlando, Florida.

Bennett also mentioned the 30 teams in the league as a positive symbol of a joint association.

So far, the NBA has invited 22 teams to restart the season in late July.

Bennett asked if there was a way to safely restore all 30 teams, and at the same time figured out a way to accommodate non-playoff teams that still wanted to play.

The Thunder boss explained that if the small market team does not play games for a long time, it will bring unfairness.

If you do not invite a smaller marketing team, it will be their layoffs for almost nine months until the start of next season.

This is enough time to influence the development of players, collect and retain sponsors, and sell tickets in a market where the team is difficult to get attractive.

However, for teams that have not been invited to participate in mandatory summer training camps and possibly four or five regional autumn leagues, discussions are under way, which will help shorten the layoffs for these teams.

From today to Thursday, the NBA will vote on plans to restart the season while completing the details of 22 teams in Orlando.

Despite requiring a majority of three-quarters of the 30 teams to pass the plan, car owners still hope they will get a unanimous decision to support any of the NBA’s final proposals.

Details on how to play all the roles are still under study.

Other team owners, such as Josh Harris of the Philadelphia 76ers and Robert Saffer of the Phoenix Suns, are behind Bennett’s idea of ​​incorporating the entire league.

Like many companies, the NBA must consider bringing back all relevant parties in the safest way, whether that means all 30 teams or just the 22 teams proposed.

The NBA is also deciding on the offseason, free agency and the way to start next season.

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