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Snoop Dogg believes Giannis is the most likely MVP for this year and the future face of the NBA for years to come

the6man May 11

Photo by deviantart / BkTiem

Die-hard fan rapper Snoop Dogg of Los Angeles Lakers shared some of his insights about the NBA “Ledlow & Parker” Podcast. When asked who he saw as the next mega superstar for the next few years, the musician replied without hesitation that it would be Giannis Antetokuonmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks.

“The boy from Milwaukee – Giannis. Even in video games, he’s one of the characters you can never stop. I can only imagine how he is in the right place. I think he’s the most balanced boy because he’s already battled the big guns and that’s his team, he’s not going anywhere, ”replied Snoop Dogg.

“When you have your team, you have to build with the parts you have and you become the superstar, the MVP. And it looks like he could be the MVP this year. You play a good defense and have a 3-point shot. You are lovable and you are great off the field, ”he added.

The whole episode:

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