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Snoop Dogg reveals in which NBA player he sees the most of himself

the6man May 11

Photo: coupling points

Rapper and LA icon Snoop Dogg joined Kristen Ledlow & Candace Parker “Ledlow & Parker” Podcast about his love for the Lakers, his many projects and much more. He was asked an interesting question – in which NBA player he sees the most of himself. Here’s what to say:

“Well, it’s two different eras. In the first era, I see myself as George Gervin, as Iceman. Because Iceman and I play the same way. I have a notorious finger role, I had long arms, I would penetrate, I would plunge, I would do anything he would do, ”said Rapper.

“And then as an adult I would be like Kevin Garnett. Because I play in color like the Big Ticket. I’ll take what you’d give in the paint, I’m really aggressive on your face, I’d talk the most, but I’m not backing, ”he explained.

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