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Some NBA players are reluctant to participate in the season to restart

the6man Jun 12

Many NBA players are holding conference calls to discuss the uncertainty brought about when the Orlando season restarts.

The NBA and the Players Association are working on an agreement that will allow players to speak without any consequences.

Over the past 24 hours, about 40 to 50 players have come and gone on the conference call, and many concerns have been discussed around Orlando’s restart.

However, no group wishing to withdraw from the 22 teams made an official petition to the NBPA.

Now, players are beginning to realize the limitations and isolation of the Orlando bubble. They didn’t enter the first round of the playoffs nearly seven weeks after the training camp opened in mid-July.

More and more people are talking about the so-called restart prudence, which is for many players, especially those in non-tournament matches.

NBA executives and coaches are very worried about how players adapt to such a strange environment.

The question now is how these obstacles affect the team’s competitive dynamics.

Of course, many people are also worried, especially those who do not compete for the title.

Players mentioned some concerns, such as family conditions, the inability to leave the campus environment of the Disney World Resort, COVID-19, and social justice reasons in the country.

After returning to the field, the player and all other participants must be quarantined for 10 days before being allowed.

If players with medical problems may place them in a high-risk category, they can seek independent inspection and understand their condition, and see if their condition needs to be excluded.

Even if players are told they can participate in the game, they will be allowed to leave, but there is no need to pay for the eight regular players

Players who decide not to participate in Orlando will not pay for missed games.

As of this week, the NBA and NBPA have been working hard to determine the terms of the restart, hoping to provide teams and players with team lists and guidelines for health and safety procedures this week.

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This post is written by Eric Magana


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