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Spencer Dinwiddie will let fans choose the next team for Bitcoin

the6man May 17

Brooklyn Nets guard Denwiddie will allow fans to choose where he can play next if they can achieve an absurd goal.

Dinwiddie has taken Twitter The past day to explain his plan.

If NBA fans donate 2625.8 BTC (Bitcoin) to him Go to fund me, Dinwiddie will let them choose his next position.

Dinwiddie said, if you want to know what the exchange rate between BTC and USD is now, don’t worry, the total amount is about 24,632,630 USD.

It is worth mentioning that Ding Weidi will sign with the Nets next season.

Dinwiddie is an avid cryptocurrency advocate.

In the past two years, he has launched his own security token SD8 in cooperation with crypto company Paxos.

Some NBA regulators are wary of Dinwiddie’s economic gymnastics.

Nothing prevents Dinwiddie from taking a salary and investing it in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

However, the idea behind SD8 is to divide Dinwiddie’s salary into 90 $ 150,000 tokens and then sell them to investors.

These tokens will accumulate 4.95% interest on a monthly basis.

Some believe that Ding Weidi tried to circumvent currency inflation through the proposal.

For anyone unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, Dinwiddie’s SD8 tokens are not like BTC.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, blockchain-driven currency that everyone can use.

Dinwiddie’s token is centralized and only available to investors approved by the SEC.

Many people believe that Ding Weidi’s recent mischief violated the union’s collective bargaining agreement.

Whether this is true remains to be seen.

Dinwiddie’s Go Fund Me is currently located at $ 879 of its $ 24,632,630 target, which is roughly equivalent to 0.1 BTC.

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