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Steph Curry responds to Damian Lillard’s comment on “meaningless games”

the6man Jun 02

Damian Lillard Stephen Curry

Damian Lillard caused a sensation last week. He said that if Trail Blazers are required to play in the playoffs, and there is no actual opportunity to participate in the game, he will not participate in the game.

Lillard’s remarks have been criticized, most notably Dan Orlovsky, a former NFL player and current ESPN hit artist.

However, Steph Curry said he understands Lillard’s ideas, especially from a competitive perspective.

Curry said in a “podcast of life” with Anthony Morrow and Justin Jack: “I feel what he is talking about, because in spirit it is necessary to overcome the gap for so long, and then prepare for the unrelated game. “

“I know. It’s hard to make up my mind in this regard, ‘I’m going out to compete and destroy my strength – knowing that we will return to the offseason again in five games.”

Although Curry’s Warriors are unlikely to appear in this season’s rematch, Lillard’s Trail Blazers have many opportunities because they are currently tied for ninth in the Western Conference with three points.

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