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Stephen Curry and Seth Curry’s parents are applying for divorce

the6man Aug 25

According to reports, NBA sharpshooter Stephen Curry and Seth Curry’s parents Dale Curry and Sonia Curry are breaking up.

They have always been one of the most striking parents in the NBA.

According to TMZ, Sonia filed for divorce with the sixth person of the previous year in June.

The divorce proceedings are still ongoing.

Although this is big news, the reason for the divorce is not yet clear.

The Curry family has been together since becoming a student athlete at Virginia Tech in the 1980s.

They met during the recruitment process for Sonya, and Sonya will become an all-around volleyball player.

Dale and Sonia married in 1988, and Stephen Curry was born in the same year.

They have three children in total, Steph, brother Seth and sister Sydel.

Seth Curry has played for many NBA teams and currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

At the same time, Sidder Curry played volleyball for Elon.

The Curry family also has four grandchildren.

Although people have seen these two parents supporting their children at different points in time, the tradition seems to be coming to an end.

With the exception of Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors winning three NBA championships in five years, the culmination of this tradition occurred in 2019, when Stephen’s Warriors played against Seth’s Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals. The team.

Along with the 76ers, Seth Curry has played for the Dallas Mavericks, Sacramento Kings and Portland Trail Blazers.

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