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Stephen Jackson promises to seek justice for “twin” George Floyd

the6man May 29

Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson has played in the league for 14 years and has played for multiple teams. His long-time friend George Floyd was arrested by the Minneapolis police on Monday. After killing, he called for justice.

The video of Floyd’s arrest and death in the hands of an officer has caused widespread condemnation and protest across the United States.

All four police officers involved in the incident have been dismissed, and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for charges against the police officer who nailed Freud.

On Thursday, Jackson conducted several interviews, including attending NBC’s “Today Show” Share Freud ’s memories and scream.

“Many police brutality continues and many young black men die. The name of George Floyd will be remembered because we will be changed. The change will start from George Freud. We will Get changed. This is wrong. “

Jackson is called Floyd “twin” because he is different.

“We are always together, and every time we go to Houston is my first stop … As a professional athlete, many people abuse your friendship and friendliness, and he is one of those who really support me.”

The tragedy caused catastrophic damage to Floyd’s family, Jackson and the community.

“I know my brother [Floyd]. If he really did not suffer, he would not cry. If he is really not afraid, “Jackson said in an interview on the morning show “Breakfast Club.” “Let him cry like that, my boy is really scared, man. He is really scared. I hate the world to see him like this.”

Jackson released news on Thursday that a rally for Floyd will be held in downtown Minneapolis on Friday.

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