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Stephen Jackson vows to support the George Freud family

the6man Jun 05

Stephen Jackson on George Floyd

Stephen Jackson, a former NBA career, has been at the forefront of justice for murdering his friend George Floyd.

Jackson appeared at Minneapolis City Hall on Tuesday with George Floyd’s family and friends to express his views on the current situation.

CBS News Transcribed some of his speeches.

In order to support Floyd’s daughter Gigi and mother Roxie Washington, all he has to say is this.

“I want to leave her [Floyd’s daughter Gigi] In the aisle. I am going to her. I will wipe my tears here. I will be here for you and Gigi. Floyd may not be here, but I am here to serve her, I will do justice here, and we will do justice to my brother. “Jackson said.

“We will not leave, we will continue to fight, we will send [Floyd] Go home in a beautiful way this week. He added. “But I tell you: we will not leave, we will demand justice.” “

All four police officers suspected of being involved in Floyd’s death have been charged with this crime.

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