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Steve Kerr and Nick Nurse are unsure of the availability of Olympic coaches

the6man Jun 10

Steve Kerr (Steve Kerr) is one of the NBA national team coaches, they want to know whether they will participate in the rescheduled Olympics next year.

Kerr did not make any assumption that he would play in Tokyo because the NBA’s postponed 2020-2021 season may overlap with next year’s Olympics.

Cole added that he did not discuss the matter with Greg Popovich, the head coach of the US team.

According to the Associated Press, Kerr said: “Believe it or not, I haven’t had a conversation with popular music.” “The reason is because we don’t know. In the past few weeks, we have spoken almost every day, Before that, we spoke every few weeks. Therefore, we didn’t even have a dialogue because there was nothing to report.”

Jerry Colangelo, managing director of American Basketball, now says that he and Popovich will wait until the NBA schedule for next season is locked, and then sort out the list and the way forward.

At the same time, the Raptors head coach Nick Nurse plans to provide Canada with coaches in the pre-Olympic qualifying game, and hopes he can continue to fulfill his commitment to his NBA team and national team.

But he hopes that international travel will be the last thing to return to normal, which means he is also not sure what will happen in the future.

The nurse said: “It’s complicated and it’s my best idea.” “I just don’t know enough to tell you what will happen next season. I don’t know. When will it start? I think they are talking about pushing it back, but I I don’t know if they will play the game more closely.

“I don’t think so, it’s something that everyone is happy about, and they continue to distribute the content and reduce back-to-back and all these things.” But, if they do, it’s likely to run into the Olympics, or really Close to the Olympics, right? Many things that I don’t have a crystal ball. “

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